ICAR JRF Mock Test-6 and 7 Live Now.

Attend the test using given link.
Plant Sci Mock Test-7 – https://bit.ly/3pbwOGC

Soil Sci MT-7- https://bit.ly/39SKRdX

Social Sci MT-7- https://bit.ly/3iBWMkd

Agronomy Sci MT-7- https://bit.ly/3qPBcM9

Horticulture MT-7- https://bit.ly/3647WsK

Entomology Mock Test-6- https://bit.ly/3bpgWMF

Plant Biotechnology Mock Test-6- https://bit.ly/39mXP3r

Statistical Sciences Mock Test-6- https://bit.ly/366hu6G

Free Gen Agri Mock Test-6– https://bit.ly/3pZVlhU

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