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Test SeriesLinkAvailability
Plant science mock test-1Test-1Available
Plant science mock test-2Test-2Available
Plant science mock test-3Register NowTest-3Available
Plant science mock test-4Test-4Available
Plant science mock test-5Test-5Available
Plant science mock test-6Test-6Available
Plant science mock test-7Test-7Available
Plant science mock test-8Test-8Available
Plant science mock test-9Test-9Available
Plant science mock test-10Test-10Available
Plant science mock test-11Test-11Available

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Subject Wise Mock Test on ICAR JRF Plant Science

Subject  TestAvailability
Plant Science Test-1 Test-1Available
Plant Science Test-2 Test-2Available
Plant Science Test-3Register NowTest-3Available
Plant Science Test-4 Test-4Available
Plant Science Test-5 Test-5Available
Plant Science Test-6 Test-6Available
All test is available now you can attend test as per your connivance at any time till 31 Dec 2020
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