Topic Wise Biotechnology Mock Test Series 2022

Test No.  Topics   Availability
Test-1 General Biochemistry, Enzymology, Biomolecule and Metabolism   Available
Test-2 Recombinant DNA technology, Plant Tissue Culture, and Transgenics   23-01-22
Test-3 Cell Biology and Genetics Register Now 06-02-22


Plant Physiology   20-02-22
Test-5 Molecular Biology, Biosafety, IPR, Bioinformatics, and Genomics   06-03-22
Test-6 Immunology, Seed Technology, Biological Membrane and Cell Signaling   20-03-22

Whole Syllabus Biotechnology Mock Test Series 2022

Test Series   Link Availability
Biotechnology Mock Test-1   Test-1 Scheduled
Biotechnology Mock Test-2   Test-2 Scheduled
Biotechnology Mock Test-3 Register Now Test-3 Scheduled
Biotechnology Mock Test-4   Test-4 Scheduled
Biotechnology Mock Test-5   Test-5 Scheduled
Biotechnology Mock Test-6   Test-6 Scheduled
Biotechnology Mock Test-7   Test-7 Scheduled
Biotechnology Mock Test-8   Test-8 Scheduled
Biotechnology Mock Test-9   Test-9 Scheduled
Biotechnology Mock Test-10   Test-10 Scheduled
Current Affair MT 2022   Test-11 Scheduled

Rapid Biotechnology Mock Test Series 2022

Test Series   Link Availability
Rapid Mock Test-1   Test-1 21-06-2022
Rapid Mock Test-2   Test-2 22-06-2022
Rapid Mock Test-3   Test-3 23-06-2022
Rapid Mock Test-4   Test-4 24-06-2022
Rapid Mock Test-5  Register Now Test-5 25-06-2022
Rapid Mock Test-6   Test-6 26-06-2022
Rapid Mock Test-7   Test-7 27-06-2022
Rapid Mock Test-8   Test-8 28-06-2022
Rapid Mock Test-9   Test-9 29-06-2022
Rapid Mock Test-10   Test-10 30-06-2022

Package Details of Plant Biotechnology Mock Test 2022

Package Name Total No. of Tests Amount Register Now
Topic Wise 06 299 Click Here
Whole syllabus 11 549 Click Here
Rapid Test 10 99 Click Here
Combo (Topic + Subject + Rapid) 27 949 Click Here

Free ICAR JRF Plant Biotechnology Mock Test 2022

Mock Test No. Availability
Free Plant Biotech MT-1 Available
Free Plant Biotech MT-2 Scheduled
Free Plant Biotech MT-3 Scheduled

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