Red Okra Variety: Kashi Lalima

The Indian Institute of Vegetable Research has finally succeeded in developing a new species of ladyfinger ‘Kashi Lalima’ after 23 years of hard work. This red lady finger is rich in other nutrients including anti oxidant, iron and calcium.

Indian Vegetable Research Institute based in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh has called this success special. The red ladyfinger has been in circulation in western countries till now and has been imported into India. The price of its various varieties ranges from 100 to 500 rupees per kg.

Now Indian farmers will also be able to produce it. Its seeds will be made available to the common people in the institute from December. The production of this bhindi full of nutrients will not only benefit Indian farmers, but the common people will also get a better option of nutritional supply.

Work on the red lady finger was started in 1995-96 under the leadership of Dr. Bijendra, former director of the institute. It was a success after 23 years. The okra is purple-red in color, 11–14 cm in length and 1.5–1.6 cm in diameter.


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