Horticulture crops production estimated at 300 million tonnes in 2016-17

Production of horticulture crops touched an all-time high of 300 million tonnes in 2016-17, the agriculture ministry said in its third advance estimate. It is 4.8% higher than the previous year’s production of 286mt.

According to the Agricultural Ministry, area under different horticulture crops which include fruits, vegetables and spices rose from 24.5 million hectares in 2015-16 to over 25 million hectares in 2016-17.

The report of agriculture ministry also showed that among major vegetables, production of potatoes, tomatoes and onions rose significantly during the year. While production of potatoes rose from 43.4mt to 48.2mt (11%) between 2015-16 and 2016-17, production of tomatoes rose from 18.7mt to 19.5mt (4.3%). Onion output rose from 20.9mt to 21.7mt (3.8%).

During the current year plantation crops – areca nut, cashew-nut, cocoa and coconut – output is estimated to be a record 18.3 million tonnes, up 10.2% higher than the previous year.

Production of spices is estimated to be around 8.2 million tonnes which is 17.4% higher than the previous year.

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