Gen Agri by Nem Raj Sunda Book Mock Test 2024

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Exams : Test-12 NR Sunda- Ch.-7 Plant Pathology + 16 Ch.- Microbiology | Test-11 NR Sunda- Ch.-6 Entomology (Part-2) | Test-10 NR Sunda- Ch.-6 Entomology (Part-1) | Test-9 NR Sunda- Ch.-5 Horticulture (Part-2) | Test-8 NR Sunda- Ch.-5 Horticulture (Part-1) | Test-7 NR Sunda- Ch.-4 Soil Science (Part-2) | Test-6 NR Sunda- Ch.-4 Soil Science (Part-1) | Test-5 NR Sunda- Ch.-3 Agronomy (Part-3) | Test-4 NR Sunda- Ch.-3 Agronomy (Part-2) | Test-3 NR Sunda- Ch.-3 Agronomy (Part-1) | Test-2 NR Sunda- Ch.-2 General Agriculture | Test-1 NR Sunda- Ch.-1 Evolution and History | Test-18 NR Sunda- Ch.-11 Extension + Ch.-12 Agricultural Economics + Ch.-13 Agricultural Statistics | Test-19 NR Sunda-Ch.-14 Animal Production | Test-20 NR Sunda- Ch.-15 Agricultural Engineering | Test-17 NR Sunda- Ch.-10 Plant Physiology | Test-16 NR Sunda- Ch.-9 Plant Breeding and Genetics (Part-3) | Test-15 NR Sunda- Ch.-9 Plant Breeding and Genetics (Part-2) | Test-14 NR Sunda- Ch.-9 Plant Breeding and Genetics (Part-1) | Test-13 NR Sunda- Ch.-8 Nematology |

Product Description

Read carefully-

  1. This package is Nem Raj Sunda Mock Test 2024
  2. Total number of mock tests: 20 
  3. Total number of questions in each test series-60 MCQ based on the New Pattern of ICAR PG Exam which will be comprised of MCQStatement Type, Assertion and Reason, More than One Answer Type, and Match the Following Type.
  4. Each test covers several chapters as per schedule.
  5. The test will be conducted as per the scheduled date and you can attend the test as per your convenience. 
  6. If you have any queries you can send a message to or what's app on +91 9318406128 or Email us
  7. Aspirants can also pay by Paytm or phone number to our number 9318406128 and after payment Whats app the screenshot of the payment then admin will add a package to your account.

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