ICAR JRF Horticulture Mock Test 2024 (Subject Wise)

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Expiry : 365 Days
Exams : ICAR PG Horticulture (TW) MT-7 Processing and PHT | ICAR PG Horticulture (TW) MT-6 Plantation | ICAR PG Horticulture (TW) MT-5 Medicinal and Aromatics | ICAR PG Horticulture (TW) MT-4 Spice and Condiments | ICAR PG Horticulture (TW) MT-3 Floriculture | ICAR PG Horticulture (TW) MT-2 Vegetable | ICAR PG Horticulture Mock Test (TW) MT1- Fruit |

Product Description

Read carefully-
1. Horticulture Mock Test series 2024 (Subject Wise)
2. Total number of mock test: 07 (Based on each Topic)
3. Total number of questions in each test series-120 MCQ based on New Pattern of ICAR PG which composed of Statement type Q, Matching, More than 1 option, multiple choice questions, assertion and reasoning type question.

4. Test covering syllabus as per schedule- https://agriicarjrf.com/schedule/
5. Test will be conducted as per scheduled date.
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